“Starz Performing Arts welcomed all 3 of my girls with open arms, they’ve become part of a beautiful dance family.
Sally & Carly along with all the dance teachers are always professional.
Starz has reignited the dance passion within my girls & I’m delighted with the progress each of my girls have made.
Thank you Starz”

— carra madin


"Best thing that has happened to me"

— nicole sanders

At the start of this year, STARZ welcomed me with open arms. They made me feel so comfortable coming into a new school and have made dancing fun again! The environment and atmosphere of the studio is just amazing and so nurturing and the classes are always fun and challenging and no one ever puts you down if you can’t do something as well as others. Love you STARZ!!

- Emma Ings

We love this place. So friendly and welcoming with great teacher student relationships. Happy family environment with positive mentoring from teachers. Modern teaching methods available which are individually put into place. Supportive students and parents which makes it a lovely school to be part of. - Jackie Dimattia